How To Become a “Jet Setter”

Do you get envy at your friends whenever they check in for a flight? Want to fly around effortlessly and make the most out of it? Read on…

Lately I’ve been flying way to much… Heck I’m in an airport as I’m writing this post, and frankly.. I can’t complain at all.

How do you make it inevitable that you’ll fly

Sometimes constrains make for a really good “excuse” to fly, for example I’ve finished my fixed visa for Thailand right now and I’ve got to get out of the country each month, that makes for a really good reason why to fly, try to find more reasons to fly like attending an event, making sure you have what to do in the holidays etc.

In the beginning of the year I wrote that I wanted to explore many different countries this year, and now it’s time to pick.

How do you decide where to go?

It’s simple, you look at the map of where you are and put it in the middle of the screen, then slowly zoom out and check which countries are around the country you’re in.

Found something interesting? – Check for ticket pricing and hotels.
Didn’t find anything? – Keep zooming out until you find.

I’m in Bangkok Thailand currently, two weeks ago I flew to Taiwan which is a country that I’ve never been to before, and now I’m on the way to Singapore for Tony Robbins 3 days event, after that I’ll head out to Laos and then back to base in Bangkok.

What’s a “Hub” and how do you find a good one?

A major hub would be a big airport that have lots of flight coming out of it and it’s going to be generally cheaper to fly out of it to your destination.

Most times you could save big time if only you’d known which airport is a major hub to where, for example I’ve found direct flights to the Philippines from most cities in europe are $700+, but when connecting the flight in Moscow you could get the same flight for as low as $400, that’s a huge saving especially since flight from european countries to Moscow are cheap as well.

The best way I found to know which hub is a good one is to go to flight comparing websites like Kayak etc and check flights going out of your destination, in Asia you’ll notice that flights going out of Hong Kong or Bangkok are pretty cheap, but if you’d look for flights going out of Laos for example you’ll stumble upon a very big difficulty to find lots of destinations to fly to.

It’s best to know your hubs so that you could book flights to the closest major hub and from it onward to your destination, in the U.S Atlanta is a major hub and so as New York, in Europe London is a big one and flight going to America will most likely stop there before crossing the atlantic ocean.

So now that you know your hubs, and how to choose where to go, let’s talk about travel efficiency… Lot’s of people are making such a big fuss out of traveling and “packing their whole house” sort of speak, I noticed that if it’s just a weekend retreat I can manage with 1 small computer backpack, and if it’s more than 4 days I’ll need another trolly.

How to pack like a pro

Always pack light, you don’t really need that stupid “comfort pillow” in the flight because it’s actually just hard and annoying, you don’t need to have every piece of clothing you’ve ever bought, take only stuff that you use regularly and not stuff that you would use only once (unless it’s a special occasion like a wedding etc), in terms of shampoo etc most hotels would have those so skip taking them, in our last flight together my gf had her special skin care product thrown away as it was stored in a bottle that can carry more than 100ml, so if you do bring that stuff make sure to put it in the checked in bag.

Few more tips when you use budget airlines, try to not check in anything, that way you’ll end up paying cheaper price, also dis-select the seat they have assigned for you since it would also mean a high price, and check carefully if your credit card can provide you with insurance, sometimes you could get free insurance and then you could also remove the “insurance” option when booking the ticket, and lastly check carefully what happens in the next / last few days, sometimes flying a day earlier could save you 50% of the price so you could check if the hotel’s price would be worth the saving.

There you go, now you know how to start “Jet Setting” away and fly whenever YOU want.

Please leave a comment below if you used any of the tips and let me know what can I add next time.


Good News – I’m Getting Married!!

Just wanted to let my readers know that I’ll be marrying the girl of my dreams;)yakdainaka2

Our love story is very sweet and unexpected, she was my VA, Virtual Assistant and we started working together 4 years ago.

We had a nice and professional working relation for about 2 years, and then I wanted to get my team to a vacation in the Philippines where she is from, so I had her and the other employee fly and meet me in the island of Palawan.

The vacation went great, at the time she had a boyfriend for quite a while so I couldn’t make my move on her just yet, but once the vacation was over she have finished that relationship and we were chatting pretty heavily.

I was living in Bangkok, Thailand at the time and that meant the horrible “long distance relationship”, it’s really not as bad as you think and we soon made plans to have her relocated to Bangkok which is not so far from her home.

Things went so great in Bangkok and we fell in love ever more, so after 2 years I’ve decided to pop the question in a quite unique way…

Not Your Normal Wedding Proposal

The usual way to go about it is to have a nice romantic dinner and kneel down in the end with a ring. But I decided to break the norm and make it memorable, so memorable that I’ve got it on video.

The plan was originally to do it while rock climbing, so I booked us a nice hotel in Krabi, Thailand and started planning, in the army we call it “shoot first, think later” hehe and it’s not a recommended way to do things.

I soon discovered that the rock climbing lines are pretty far from each other, so asking her while we are up in the air and filming it with gopro wasn’t an option so I had to come up with a better plan.

yakdainaka1How does making a short romantic video sounds like? Well that’s exactly what I did, and since we see each other almost every day I had to edit it somewhere, so I flew to Hong Kong, and just edited a lot of our footage together and some picture into a 5 min video clip.

I then emailed the hotel with special instructions asking to co-operate with me on this and they declined, sometimes Thai people can be pretty strange, what did was trying to upsell me to a romantic dinner but I told them that I need day light to video the event and they weren’t co-operating, mind you it was a nice 4/5 star hotel and those are usually much more friendly.

After that I decided I’m going to do it myself, actually my friends wanted to fly and help me out with the videography and I thought it’s too complicated and will raise suspicions from her side.

So I did something awesome, I came up with a plan to put the gopro somewhere in the hotel room mounted to the wall and have her videoed, but the room wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be and I had to improvise, I put a pillow on a pillow on bed, and the DSLR camera on it and told her we should take a few photos together sitting, what that meant is that I could aim the camera directly on her.

Aftapriltomerer the timer pictures were taken I left the camera in the same place and started taking video without her knowing, I then gave her the laptop and put the video on and she started watching it, at the same time I took the gopro and put it on the table aimed to her so I’ll have 2 angles and then it happened.

Tears of happiness started pouring from her eyes, she was so happy and I love it.

I promise to show the video once it’s edited ;)

Romantic huh?


Think You Will Succeed And You Will

This post is about the old saying “The Grass Always Looks Greener From The Other Side”.

Lately I noticed a strange phenomenon. I was talking to some good friends that have got an online business and they all babbled about how they are going to get into other niches, and how good “this person” is, or “that person” is doing.

One reminder… Screenshots can be faked, so if someone shows you his big “affiliate” account, or teespring account with lots of sales it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true.

The other objection I have against those who claim they are doing so well is that they might show you that they made $20,000 from the technique they are currently using, but they didn’t show you their expenses, they might have spent $25,000 in traffic cost and actually lost $5,000 on it.

So why is this post called “Think You Will Succeed And You Will”?

Because I think that jumping from one opportunity to another, or looking aside to what other people are doing is actually a big time waster, instead of focusing all of your power on actually figuring out [facebook ads] / [email marketing] / whatever, you’re just wasting your time checking what everybody else is doing.

Sure, they might do well… And yes they might be able to share some gold nuggets, but from my personal experience focusing on one niche or traffic source and making it work whatever it takes is key.

Remember that we have the 3 big evergreen niches:

Finance – People will always want to make income either on the stock market, develop their skill, or simply try to have an online income stream.

Health – People will always want to look better, younger, slimmer etc.

Relationship – We all want to find our ideal partner, and that means dating sites / guides on how to pick up girls can go well in this evergreen niche.

If you cut one of those niches, for example the health niche, and actually dig in for example to the “lose weight” niche, you can actually get tons of leads to offers that pay you money to teach people how to lose weight or give them supplements that will help suppress their eating habits.

I would say that you should in fact focus on your own thing, and stop looking aside, many of the people that I’m trying to help are actually stuck at this point where they keep checking what other people are doing and they try to mimic them, while actually missing on their own true gift.

Find your niche, your market, and tackle it hard, do it until you succeed and believe in yourself. I’m sure that once you fail a few times you will eventually succeed.

Hope you enjoyed this motivational post.

Please leave a comment and share and let me know if you’re also experiencing this “Looking at what other people are doing” syndrome.


Cashflow Comes First

This is a lesson I heard the hard way so I recommend this post to everyone who have, or plan on starting his own business.

Most people I know that have their own business had to start small, but what they really have to do before starting their business is either save enough to propel the business, or take a loan from the bank / venture capital fund. I personally recommend bootstrapping your business and start it with your own money because I like online businesses which require small capital to start.

Early in 2009 I had all the cards stack in my favor, my business was making $3000 a month and I started traveling the world, it all seemed so perfect especially since I could travel by day, and work on my evening after dinner. At the time I had no clue about outsourcing so I was doing everything myself.

In 2010 I decided to open another online business and I neglected the first one which used to do just fine, revenues started dropping on the first business but the new one started booming, in fact it was doing so good that I was receiving so many transactions and paypal decided to “review” my account and that’s where all the problems started.

Quickly after checking my business information they confirmed that it was all good, but then they placed a new rule on my account, from now on every transaction I received would be locked until they confirmed that the customer received it or automatically unlocke in 21 days. What it basically meant was that if I wanted to scale my business and buy more ads, I couldn’t do it from the money I received and had to dig into my own pockets.

This is a classical cashflow problem that can kill your business, at the time I didn’t have much savings and I had to ask my family for a personal loan… It wasn’t much fun having to explain the situation to the and promise that I would return every cent but ideally had no other choice, I could go to the bank but I just took another loan about a year ago and saw how the interest rates were eating me out.

When you start or grow your business always strive to save something aside for times like this, furthermore I think that having strong financial savings can free your mind when you are running a business, because we can never be 100% sure that what we’re selling will really sell next year and that we won’t face fierce competition.

Learn from my experience, save from what you earn and always take care of your cashflow, make sure your always NETing money and not just spending all of your money on commission and slippage such as currency exchange.

I hope you’ll take my advice and start saving…

Please leave a comment if you had some cashflow problems before.


How To Upgrade Your Travel Life

One of my most favorite things to do is to fly and travel, I do that quite a lot every year and for me it makes life much more fun! Heck I even have flight tickets collection that is constantly growing.

When you travel so much you start appreciating the little things, like checking-in faster, finding where the electricity connection is at the airport, getting your room upgraded to a better one or even moving to another seat in the plane itself.

Here are some of my best tips for all of you fellow jet setters who want to upgrade their travel quality:

1. If you’re not moving your life from one place to another and you’re just going to a weekend getaway, don’t check your luggage in and instead carry one hand bag and one trolley bag, this way you won’t have to wait so long in the baggage claim.

2. When you go through security always make sure to prepare the stuff you need to put aside, your laptop / wallet / watch / phone, that way you’ll breeze through security in no time.

3. If the airport you flying in is one you frequent a lot, make sure to take some time and find where the power outlets are, it will save you a lot of time in the future and you could still be fully functional with full battery on the airplane.

4. How do you get upgrade to first class? One way to do it is to collect points, if you travel a lot you must join every “airline club” you can, but make sure you fly with one the most that way you will be able to redeem their benefits faster.

The other way you can get an upgrade is to actually change your sit a day before a very busy flight, if the airplane is full and you’re not assigned with a seat, sometimes you’ll get upgraded to the first class without having to pay for it.

5. How can you eat free food in the airport and enjoy some quiet time? Simple, make sure you’re holding the right credit card / “airline club” membership and check which one gives access to the lounges, then simply show your card and smile as you sit comfortably and without hassles.

6. What happens when you actually land? got a tiny little room booked in? Great! It’s time to get an upgrade… The way you do it is easy, sometimes if the hotel is kinda empty you can ask them to move you to a quiet place, but other times you can read reviews on trip advisor and understand what others are complaining about in the hotel, and just do the same so you could get an upgraded. I don’t do it so often but when I do it works like a charm!

Another way to get room upgrades is again to join a good membership like or others, and redeem points in your account for upgrades. Before you come make sure to write in the notes “I’m going to review a few hotels for our magazine, please prepare a decent room so I could take nice pictures” – Most hotels will outright ignore it, but some will surprise you with the “King’s treatment”.

7. Boarding a half empty flight? Put something that is yours in an empty chair of your choosing, I usually choose an empty isle so I could lay down once the airplane is in the air.

8. Please don’t be one of those who bend his seat back when flying economy, these days the seats are getting smaller and smaller and the airlines try to cramp as much people as they can, so if you are that lame dude who bend his seat back you’re ruining it for everyone! Now everybody have to bend back as-well.

9. Another “don’t do” includes bringing especially smelly stuff to the plane, I don’t care if you’ve got the crave for durian but you must know it’s really smelly.

I think I got you covered now… Just have fun and go on with your jet setting lifestyle!

Do you have any additional tips? please write them down in the comments…